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When my wife and her friend were searching online for wedding photographers ~1 year before our wedding date, they stumbled upon Cottonwood Studios' Instagram. My wife, who has even higher standards for photographers than she has for a husband, was extremely impressed, and she made it clear that we HAD to get Cottonwood at all costs - even if it meant moving our wedding date if Cottonwood was unavailable!

Starting with the engagement shoot, it couldn't have been easier working out a shooting day with Cottonwood. FYI, Caleb and Kari live outside the U.S. and work events all over the world, so it is good to discuss with them when they will be in your region. Fortunately for us, they were in NYC already when we wanted to have our engagement shoot, so we coordinated a shoot in Brooklyn. Speaking of that shoot in Brooklyn, we were able to leverage Caleb and Kari's expertise - they had shot in that location years ago and still remembered some really cool areas to shoot. The whole evening/night, they were extremely personable and we had a lot of fun. They helped us carry around some 2nd outfits which we changed into and they didn't seem tired even though we put a few miles on our feet that night. So recap, they were accessible and helpful during the shoot and were great at suggesting poses, positioning us, and getting some great, natural reactions out of us. (skipping wedding paragraph due to word limit).

One of the neat things I noticed was how excited Caleb and Kari were immediately after they took great photos. Caleb or Kari would show each other thumbnails on the camera, and they would both get so excited - which got me and my wife very excited, too! Then they would show us, and we could see first-hand how their vision would pay-off and that we would get the same type of great pictures we saw on Instagram months earlier but with us in the pictures this time! Couldn't be more satisfied with Cottonwoods' work!

Mike & Grace

August 27, 2017