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Totally Satisfied.My biggest concern when I started to shop for a ring was "is the company I choose legit." I had checked reviews and I was looking for someone to just come out and say it. I'll say it. They are legit. They are a real company. They do what they say they are going to do. This nice lady helped me over the course of a week. She always replied and we did the online chat which was nice. We compared many diamonds and discussed the pros and cons. I am a price shopper. I take my time. I got a lot of advice from people on where and how to buy a diamond. After 6 months of searching I decided you can't come close to the prices at Brilliance. I saved about 50% off retail and about 33% off of any other website. It showed up in about a week by FEDEX Signature Required. They don't make the diamonds so what a diamond looks like isn't really relevant. All that really matters is what you paid for a particular grade of diamond. If you have $5000 to spend wouldn't you rather get twice the diamond that someone else got for $5000? Its not what you spend, its what its worth. Do yourself a favor take that same budget and apply it to a diamond here at Brilliance and get twice the diamond. Don't get the same diamond and pocket the difference. You only get one shot at this and you will regret that you didn't get the most you can afford (dont overspend.) I used PAYPAL to pay which gives you extra piece of mind, but I would not hesitate to write these people a check. I have zero complaints about dealing with Brilliance and I know we got the most diamond for what we spent. Best of luck to everyone in their purchases.

Mike McD

September 6, 2017