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We initially chose Colasanti for Rino (the owner), whom we met directly at the Tenuta di Ripolo where we got married (doing both the ritual under the large oak of the villa, and then the reception).
Rino gave us just 15 minutes because he was obviously busy setting up the event that would take place in a few hours, but that was enough to convince us. He essentially takes care of the kitchen and he immediately seemed to be a direct and genuine person, with kind ways of doing and already clear ideas on how to manage the event in that location according to our wishes.
Subsequently we also met his wife Marina and daughter Chiara, who deal with the administration and the set-ups respectively. Both turned out to be equally exceptional and with the same manner of doing kind and easy ...
Especially Chiara turned out to be a real holy hand! It was for us as a sort of wedding planner, an extremely professional and reassuring presence, which we could count on for the entire duration of the event. He advised us on the preparations, addressed to the suppliers with whom he had good car experiences and organized in a few hours a possible B plan in case of rain not only for the reception, but also for the ritual (which fortunately we did not have more then implement)!
During the event Chiara also thought about setting up the favors and coordinated the hostesses during the distribution of the cones for throwing the rice and the cards with the names of the tables. In short, his work went well beyond due and that evening we didn't have to think about anything at all and we were finally able to enjoy the party!
As for the food ... it was enough to hear the comments of the guests in the following days to understand that the evening had gone great! Everyone was enthusiastic about everything, from the aperitif buffet with the raw fish, the exceptional cheeses and the pizza baked on the spot to a thousand different tastes, to the dinner with risotto with prawns, clams and lime, to the dessert buffet with tiramisu composed of various flavors, desserts, cakes of all kinds and excellent fresh fruit.
Even the wedding cake was beautiful and was made exactly as in the photo we had shown to Rino and Chiara: white in butter and with berries in sight along the floors.
Since then both of us spouses intolerant to milk and one of the celiac witnesses, in addition to adapting the dinner menu, they made an additional ad hoc cake without milk or gluten.
Another kindness that we really appreciated was the saucer with two slices of ham and fig pizza that Rino made us arrive during the appetizer buffet, just because he remembered that he liked the bride very much!
In short, it was a wonderful party and everything went very well thanks to the Colasanti team, which made us feel part of the family!

Marta and Francesco

September 24, 2019