Il Mio Matrimonio Wedding Planner di Valentina d'Amelio

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When we decided to take the plunge with Tiziano, the organization made me a little anxious because I realized that the ideas I had in mind were perhaps too elaborate or simply too many, and I began to think that I had to making sacrifices, that a wedding that is still so elegant, as I imagined it, but with notes of particularity, a little out of the usual schemes, of '' different '', as I like to live things, was not possible. It was at that moment that I realized that perhaps we should have been advised by a wedding planner who would give voice to these desires, dreams, helping us to consider possibilities and limits but without perhaps resorting to sacrifices. And so it was for us with Valentina. Searching the net, we came across his works, and together with his description I was captivated above all by the sweetness, professionalism and love for his work that he transmitted between the lines.
After meeting her, it was immediately feeling and we understood that we could only entrust our marriage to her. Then there was also the presence of Pio his right arm, who was the icing on the cake, great Pio with his advice.
This world is so saturated with people who pretend to be professionals or who maybe just want to make money on the spouses, when they say that all that glitters is not gold is true in this case, trust those who let themselves be guided by love for their own spouses and above all in his work he also puts a lot of humility, managing to achieve what you want without ulterior motives, always putting forward the interest of the spouses.
Thanks Vale!
Maria and Titian

May 4, 2022