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I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

"THANK YOU" from the bottom go our hearts.

Even one year later, our wedding and how flawlessly executed & special it was, is discussed whenever I see each of our 70+ guests that attended.

Elena, you were spot on from day 1. I called you from of google search here in the US; I flew to Florence and you met me within 48 hours - you showed me the most gorgeous venues and you understood me and our needs / desires very very quickly. You gave me your honest opinion about the best places in town (say thank you to you) and which locations you thought to be most appropriate. You were thorough and introduced me to ONLY the best. I know that sometimes I was very decisive, and in some moments I was not, which did not make your job the easiest, but you stuck with me. I was not able to take the time to get the wedding out of it. Sesto on Arno was a mini photographer taking to that too! It was a special night in a speculator space! That View !!!! MAGIC!

In hindsight, you (and anyone you plan to make your future recommendations) will be perfect in the end. I know that you are going to get extreme pride in what you do, and will not complete something

On that note. Your partnering with Alessandro from the Garden to help you create the magic that was this wedding was the absolute right choice. What a setting and mood you both created! Everything crafted that day was picture perfect! Thank you both for creating a style that was only authentic and timeless, but a bit of "our story" attached to it. Especially, "the ladybugs". (See photo)

Speaking of picture perfect; your recommended photographer -Alessandro Righi - WOW! He captured EVERYTHING that Elena worked to perfect with Jardin Divers, JD Events, Galateo, and Villa le Fontanelle.

"I want to go back!" "please renew your vows soon!" I know maybe a few years, we might just have to throw a party in Florence with you!




December 19, 2018