Tales of Light Photography

I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

Used this company for our Engagement photos (which was great for our save the dates) and naturally, our Wedding Day!
Mari was able to shoot the intimate moments of both wedding parties getting ready and also captured our ceremony. A lot of what I wanted we were able to organize ahead of time, but I also gave her creative freedom during the entire shoot. She takes BREATHTAKING black and white images too! (Make sure to request duplicate images in both color and BW if that matters to you)
I couldn’t contain the excitement when I got the gallery emailed back - in 3 weeks might I add - and amazed by the beauty of the images.
I loved how she organized/labeled each session in the gallery so it was easy to access which photos I wanted.
Such an amazing day and we have these moments to cherish for a lifetime!
Highly recommend.

November 11, 2020