Dois Cliques Fotografia

I used their services for my wedding:

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I felt that it would work well on the first date, when I went to meet them to see the possibility of being the recorders of such a special moment. It was attention, affection, detail and love for what the reasons for which I chose them are. It was a great choice because they were members of the wedding the day they recorded wonderful photos, they enjoyed our moment as if it was the marriage of their friends. The attention given to some requirements and perfect execution of our requests. We did photo post wedding and they left us very at ease and were beautiful photos. The tuning of Julius and Maraise is enchanting ... it's one rolling on the floor to get the perfect angle and another tossing the veil into the air to give it fluidity, a jugglery done very delicately and professionally. They are the perfect focus for the perfect photo. You have our affection and admiration.

April 7, 2018