Marquette Avenue Events

I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

More than the gorgeous day we had (and it was absolutely gorgeous) and more than the commitment and professional quality of work that Marquette Avenue Events created and coordinated for us - what puts Brianne and her colleagues in the highest regard in my opinion is the care and genuine love they put in for each one of their couples. They will help you find exactly what and who you are looking for to make your day truly special and put so much heart into it. They have built amazing relationships with both their clients and the vendors they connect you with. They will advocate for you and give you so much confidence and the highest standards. Brianne was the best decision we made (besides choosing each other!). We cannot thank her enough.

An extra note - my veil ripped a gigantic hole minutes before our ceremony. Brianne and Diana were as cool as cucumbers and performed basically miracle veil surgery and it still looked beautiful going down the aisle. This is just one of many moments they went above and beyond!

October 31, 2019