Lucrezia Senserini

I used their services for my wedding:

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Dear Lucrezia, I have lost count of how many times I have seen the slide show and cried. As soon as I saw your photos the day we met, I knew you were really good. The photos were amazing. But when you are the bride portrayed in the photo you feel an inexplicable emotion. I would like to say thank you for every single photo (and that would be almost 1500 thanks, so it would take quite some time). You got the best of us. We have never been and will never be so beautiful again. You have immortalized emotions and details so strong they almost hurt.
My eyes shining as my sister read the speech. The fingers of my grandfather, bent from the years spent as a mechanic, which I always looked at as a child.
Francesco waiting for me and rubbing his hair as usual, so much so that his hair was tousled even on his wedding day. I can never really thank you enough. You gave us a gift of inestimable value. A treasure that we will keep forever. 1500 times thanks. It is absolutely your job, do it forever! Chiara

September 9, 2020