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I leave you, simply, the dedication I made after our marriage, are sincere words that come directly from the heart ...

"I would like to thank all those who have been with us on our wedding day, friends, relatives and people who love us ...
But there is also her. A girl who (me) endured in this long year of preparation and organization to give our guests only the best, advised us and went out of his way to make us have every request, he was able to transmit serenity in the most hostile moments making everything much easier when it was not for her.
Thank you so much Cinzia Barbotti! Not only have we had an excellent wedding planner, we have also earned a friend for la vida.

(I wonder if my father from there has wanted to give me a hand and thought of you?) "

Thanks again, Cinzia for having made our wedding really been the top !!!

Cecilia Ciampriello & Luca Stroppiana.

November 14, 2017