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The wedding day is unrepeatable. And that's the point! It is a cascade of emotions that involves all aspects of the person: emotional, sentimental, familiar, aesthetic. Nothing remains outside the door. Over time, the desire to relive everything, over and over again, to cross every emotion, to ... rewind the tape grows. And at this point there is only one way .... Relying on experts, real artists, this is the only way to guarantee that the most precious moments, the strongest emotions, the details never negligible, the overwhelming joy and the most intimate emotions are authentically represented, just as we have experienced them. Without heavy poses, intrommission, but with lightness, dynamism, with the care of expert eyes and with the talented direction and monatggio skills. For us this is emphatic . Many things will be stored in the closet, but not the photos and videos. For this reason we believe that the choice of those who take care of photos and videos cannot be wrong. It is the most precious expense, it is the possibility to rewind the tape and keep beauty with it, as many times as you want, for this thanks Enfasee , for "every day" of our wedding ️

Benedetta & Massimo

June 5, 2020