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All marketing little catering!

We got married at the Insugherata Gardens run by Exclusivevent in a simple but really elegant location. Real quality food. However, we are very disappointed that the service proved unprofessional throughout the ceremony. We received complaints from guests because the wedding cake was served only half of the guests, some have never arrived. During dinner there are those who have found on his table a print of the wedding menu of the previous day! If you have elderly people (like your grandparents) do not hope that they will be served by the waiters during the aperitif, it is already so much to find a seated seat since (by contract) only 60% of external seats are arranged for guests that according to their experience they are absolutely sufficient. On the other hand, we too were greeted with a nice buffet of appetizers to be enjoyed comfortably standing according to etiquette!

July 10, 2018