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My name is Ania. For five years, we have lived with her husband in Leicester (Great Britain). Our dream was to get married and arrange a wedding party in our hometown - Zielona Góra. Due to the large distance, it was a big challenge for us in terms of logistics. During one of the visits in Poland, we set the date of the wedding in the church and we reserved a previously chosen reception room. Unfortunately, we did not have time for other important organizational matters. My friend Marta Wółkiewicz came here with help. She advised us on many important flowers, such as the selection of a well-tried musical band and the decoration of the church and wedding hall, which she herself did, She also agreed to represent us in meetings finalizing contracts with contractors of our orders. It was also of little importance that Martha's help in picking up some of our guests from the airport, which we would not have time enough, turned out to be of no importance. The party together with the amendments was organized for 150 people.

March 27, 2018