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I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

We can honestly recommend to everyone who dreams of a professional and unusual photo session. We used the lovelywedding service twice, the first time at the bride's session and then at the wedding session. During the session there was a very pleasant atmosphere, and at the same time a lot of helpful tips were given. We would like to thank Elwi especially because during the wedding and the wedding she introduced a lot of peace.

What I get out of their work I would call a rather small work of art, not pictures. The attention to detail is impressive. Pictures are beautiful and not only our opinion, because we can be biased (as models), but such opinions have also been heard from friends who can be critical and honestly express it.

I recommend highly. For professionalism, quality of work and atmosphere during the session. Simply Super !!!

June 16, 2017