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We chose Sabrina after a careful and accurate selection of numerous Wedding Planners, even if after the first appointment we left the interview knowing that the choice would fall on her.

And so it was. We worked together the months before our fateful yes, without unnecessary obsessions or worries, but accompanied by a meticulous planning of the times that reassured us and made us feel followed by a true professional.

Sabrina has significant strengths, ranging from a great availability and flexibility on schedules or meeting places to a particular attention to detail and the budget that we had imposed on her.

Always present in moments of despair or tension (moments that it is normal to have in the preparation of the most important day of our life) she was able to respond to any doubt or uncertainty that came to mind, with a simplicity that seemed disconcerting, in the good sense of the term.

The huge network of collaborators to whom he relies helped us to immediately skim the main suppliers of our wedding which, needless to say, turned out to be perfect in every little detail.

Exactly as we had imagined it. And achieving this result was priceless.

Thanks Sabrina for everything, really. Why did you manage to get us to 09/10/2016 with the certainty that everything would go as it should, making us concentrate only on the value and emotion of the day, and not on the details or steps to follow.

Exactly how the perfect wedding should be.

I will recommend your name to all those who ask me for a high quality service!

September 26, 2016