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We got married on September 14, 2019 in a villa with catering and the reception included various trips inside it as well as some activities.
Initially we had not even thought about the need to have a person to coordinate everything, well, I would say that Anna's work was essential! Probably in his absence a small chaos would have been created about "what to do, where to go and when to do". For us she played the role of wedding coordinator: we had already decided independently the theme to follow and customized various parts of our wedding, but Anna gave us many little tips and details that embellished it all. She took care of setting up the tableau de mariage, the tables, the photo booth, the sugared almonds and decorated the whole location (in fact she has a lot of decorative material available for all tastes).
In addition to this more practical part, Anna coordinated the various professionals who worked for us and addressed the guests at various times of the day, relieving us of all worries. Last but not least, he has supported and (above all) endured the bride in the last few days where there were the usual unforeseen events related to the positioning of the guests at the tables.

October 10, 2019