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  • You'll love creating your wedding gift list with Zankyou! Receive cash towards household items, your dream honeymoon or even your favourite charity.

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  • Your guests buy the gifts that you create

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  • No gift is too big or too small

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Your wedding deserves a Zankyou gift list!



Don't fill your house with things you'll never use. Receive the full cash equivalent of your wedding gifts and decide when, where and how you spend it. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!



A gift list created by couples for couples! Endless possibilities: list gifts, experiences, stages of your honeymoon, charity donations, future home funds… Use the Zankyou Mobile App & create gifts with photos from your smartphone!



Zankyou offers the lowest rates on the market. Our gift handling fees of 2.25% + 50p for premium members and 2.6% + 85p otherwise, guarantee that you make the most of what is yours. Zankyou’s services are completely free for you if you opt for your guests to pay the handling fee!.



With over 1,000,000 gifts handled per year, over 5 million users per month, and ssl certification, you're guaranteed security and great service. Zankyou is available in 23 countries, 9 languages, 11 currencies & payments can be made from anywhere in the world. Over 98% of our customers would recommend Zankyou to a friend (source: polldaddy).

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Zankyou allows you to benefit from the lowest fees on the market and the excellence of a premium service , which is totally personalised for you and your guests

2.6%of the amount contributed
85p fixed cost per contribution
3.4% of the amount contributed
20p per gift
£59 as a one off fee
1 transfer after the list has closed
* rates correct as of 28/6/2017

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