Matt Badenoch Photography

I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

I recently asked Matt to shoot myself and the groomsmen getting ready before my wedding and cannot emphasise how pleased I am that I did.  His photos were absolutely incredibly and truly capture the full spectrum of emotions that were experienced - everything from a parent's love, all the way through to the entertaining banter with the ushers and best men.  What comes across most though is the sheer happiness being experienced by everyone involved in the day and the fact that Matt was able to capture this so effectively is sheer testament to his skills with camera... He is an absolute wizard!

Looking back at the photos I really feel like I'm right back there reliving the whole experience again - the first time my parents saw me 'suited and booted', the realisation of the bestman that his trousers were a little tighter than they had seemed in the suit fitting through to the exit from the chuch as a newly married couple.  Every one a wonderful memory in it's own right and each captured to perfection by Matt.
 Matt's photos are a truly amazing memento of an incredibly special day and I really I cannot thank Matt enough.

Aside from his skills with a camera, Matt is just a lovely, genuine, down-to-earth bloke which makes him both a pleasure to have around and someone you would genuinely want to be involved in your special day. I truly could not recommend him highly enough.

4 August 2015