Tenuta dei Normanni

I know them professionally:

Recommend it?

Invited by friends to a ceremony, I had the surprise and the pleasure of discovering a hidden but well-set reality in the hills of Salerno. When you arrive you are not expected to find an estate with gardens, a majestic amphitheater. sports complex, park, holiday homes and excellent restaurant.

Note that everything is built without disfiguring the naturalistic area and respecting the environment, with sandstone, travertine elements and lava stone as if to continue the tradition of the Normans (ancient rulers of the city) of whom, the area, was hunting estate.

Turning to more frivolous things, but certainly not second-rate, I must mention the quality of the service and the care taken, especially by the landlady, even for the smallest details. The cuisine is classic Mediterranean with triumphs of smells and flavors and not fat or heavy at all, surrounded by attentive and impeccable service. I don't want to go into disproportionate praise but, to highlight this "location" that certainly deserves new and far-sighted goals. I highly recommend a visit.

Francesco Immediato

11 June 2019