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Brides beware! I didn't do my research, I was just delighted to have a date for a wedding abroad. We booked 2 weeks before COVID lockdown, but as my husband and I are reasonable people, we thought we would be able to work it out. We were forced to move back the wedding date because of COVID, and were told if we wanted to move it again, because of COVID, we had to pay 20% more. We refused, and began to talk about cutting our losses with Yana. Her team told us all of the money was spent, but could not prove that she had actually booked anything for us.  When I asked for reciepts, she said she didn't have to provide them. Yana already had 4,000 dollars from us (American) and we had only emailed her planner. We had a location, a photographer, and a celebrant. None of which we had had a conversation with. It was a wedding for 2 people total. After speaking with people who had worked with them previously, I learned Peach Perfect pays people after the ceremony. Look at the dates of reviews. They are all old. I have hope that this company was once legitimate, but once the pandemic has started, it is a company with interests only in grifting money from naive couples. Also, the company is out of Bulgaria. Not London. If you want a wedding, call a hotel and see what they will accommodate for you, or who they would recommend. Don't use Peach Perfect. Yana has made a business model from the pandemic by charging people and delivering nothing. 

19 August 2021