Joanna Priscilla Make Up

They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest:

Recommend it?

The big day is not just for the Bride, but the all-important Bridesmaids. I was a Bridesmaid this year; a very good friend of mine asked me and I was thrilled to say yes, but little did I know, six months later, her brother would be my ex.

When I told Joanna about the wedding and my looming predicament - my ex was coming with his new girlfriend, (our cleaner!) - she understood immediately why I needed help. I wanted to look HOT. Hotter than I had ever looked before. It was imperative to my continued existence that I look hot on the day.

However, I couldn't meet Jo in time, my ridiculously hectic schedule at my new job in the BBC, prevented me from gaining a minute with Jo before the big day and I'd left it too late for makeover on D-day. I was so disheartened and faced the wedding with pale foundation and a bizarre attempt at blending my eyeshadow.

But Jo went above and beyond and sent me a step by step guide on how to make my face flawless, how to brighten my cheeks, make my eyes sparkle and my lips kissable. She made me feel confident to pick up my make up brushes, dust off my old tired look and go bold! And it totally worked, the day came I and looked HOT and I felt confident.

My battle amor; lippie, mascara, highlighter and a great eye shadow made me Bridesmaid ready. What new girlfriend?!

Now I must confess; I had a touch up by the makeup artist (traitor); but without Jo's make up manual, with everything detailed including shades matching my dress, application, what products to use for long wear use and how to touch up, I'd have never have made it through the day with a smile.

Jo - let's hope you are doing my make up on my wedding day. I wouldn't use anyone else.  

Charlene Butler

8 November 2017