Tenuta dei Normanni

I used their services for my wedding:

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An enchanting place, surrounded by nature and tranquility, without glitz but with the elegance of simplicity and good taste. You immediately notice the love and dedication with which the owners take care of this structure, not neglecting any space, albeit hidden, and above all letting nature dominate every corner: wonderful views immediately extend behind the splendid wrought iron structures white, expertly crafted and placed in strategic points, giving the spaces an almost fairytale touch.
And then there is a wonderful amphitheater hidden among the olive trees that truly takes your breath away!
Two weeks have already passed since our wonderful wedding at the estate and we still receive compliments for the choice of location, attention to detail, food, kindness and professionalism of all the Delizie di Collina catering staff.
It all went well beyond our expectations, which I must admit were rather high: I wanted an "intimate" place to celebrate our civil wedding and to be able to spend a pleasant day with relatives and friends, without that classic wedding stress.
As soon as I saw the photos of this structure I fell in love with it. It was just what we were looking for!
The very kind Mrs. Maria welcomed us like a mother and guided us throughout the preparation of the wedding, always giving excellent advice.
Our wedding planner Enza together with her staff (in particular Carmela) was exceptional! They managed to satisfy my every "useless" whim, spending hours and hours defining colors, decorations, centerpieces, placeholders, tableau menus, cakes ... and much, much more! We immediately trusted their advice, the voice of a long experience in the sector. The constancy with which we were followed was truly exemplary (we felt almost every day!)
At the wedding everything was perfect and studied in detail as we had defined!
With Enza a strong empathy was created right from the start, to the point that we chose to let her celebrate our wedding. And she was absolutely perfect in the role! It was an exciting ceremony, embraced by the warmth of everyone, family and non!
The beauty of the structure also lies in the splendid light and colors, which allowed us to take exceptional photos, all without moving a step, nor, as often happens at weddings, leaving guests invited to wait for our return for hours. !
The waiters were all very kind, impeccable service for an outdoor ceremony with quality food!
The children, even the most terrible, had a lot of fun thanks to the talented animators (saints immediately!) Finally they were all enchanted by the goodness of the pastry shop!
In short, there was not a single discordant note: everything, but everything went as we wished and I am really happy to have known such good and beautiful people like Ms. Maria, Enza, Carmela and Antonio.

12 June 2015