Aga Hosking


The Barn at Upcote

I know them professionally:

Recommend it?

I was a photographer at a wedding in August 2017 and I was so impressed with the whole venue. I travel with my work across the country and beyond borders and I pay a lot of attention to the venues, to how they are run, what is the service, where to go for photos (so what is the lighting across the venue), logistics of how things are laid out (it really has a big impact on the type of photos and whether there is a convenience  of having all in a reach of our hands). As a photographer, I pay attention to details and this venue ticks all my boxes.  Location, accommodation, modernity, food, service, and logistics to name a few.

If I was getting married I would definitely consider it as one of my favorite venues for my wedding. 

4 April 2018