Giftlists for international couples

Language of your website and giftlist

Your website will appear automatically in the main language of the country that your guest is accessing from (English, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Dutch and Polish).

Telephone support for the couple and their guests

Zankyou has local phone numbers in 20 countries with customer service teams who can help your guests navigate your website and buy gifts.

International payment methods

Zankyou's payment system allows your guests to pay by card wherever they are in the world, as we accept VISA and MasterCard debit/credit cards from any country. On top of this, Zankyou also offers the most common payment methods in each country. So for example, French guests can pay by cheque, Italian guests can pay by bank transfer, etc.


With Zankyou you can set up one or more giftlists in different currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, MXN, BRL, RUB, CHF and PLN) and link each one with a bank account in the corresponding currency.

International company

The Zankyou team is made up of people from more than 15 different countries and was created to specifically cater for international couples. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're happy with our services!

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