Quinta da Bella Vista

Utilizei este serviço no meu casamento:


I'm a wholistic makeup artist in the fashion/beauty industry out of NY/LA, and had the pleasure of being apart of my friends magical wedding as her makeup artist here at Quinta Da Bella Vista.

WOW...what a magical, ethereal, mystical, vibrational piece of Earth!!! I've traveled extensively for my job, working at some of the most beautiful locations in the World, and this location is unlike anything I've ever witnessed.  From the views of nature and castles in the distance, to the rays of light  streaming in, and open skies that create the most beautiful ever-changing painting!  From the sounds of birds and crickets, to the rustling of leaves while the trees dance all around literally feels like Heaven in Earth.  I stayed here on the property with friends and family, and got to experience every Villa and the Palacio.  They all have their own unique and thoughtful styles.  Every room in every space has everything you could ever need or wish for in a destination location. From sunken bathtubs to comfy beds and pillows, to completely stocked kitchens and fireplaces everywhere. I was able to witness multiple sunrises and sunsets, fog rolling in and out as quickly as it comes in, to sunshine and rain happening simultaneously, creating rainbows and the fresh smell of earth under your feet.  I will have my wedding here one day when I meet that special one ️

The title says it all...Quinta Da Bella Vista is where dreams are made of

5 de Janeiro de 2022