Luis da Cruz Photography

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I first met Luis at my friends wedding in Portugal. As soon as I saw her wedding photos I knew he had to be my wedding photographer. He said yes to me in a heartbeat and was willing to come all the way to the UK for that. Despite having to postpone the wedding 3 times, he was always on board. He finally came to UK and although his visit was complicated by the travel restrictions it was worth it all because he took the most amazing pictures during my wedding. He got along with every guest and took the most unique pictures, and he made everyone look their best. I knew he was good from his previous work but when I saw our wedding pictures I was floored by how amazimggg look!! All my friends and family have been saying the same. Everyone called me crazy when they said my photographer will be flying from Portugal for my wedding- during covid!! Working with Luis was so easy and effortless. He was our best investment!! A lot of my friends now want him as their wedding photographer!! I firmly believe he's destined for great things- I'm so lucky that he agreed to photograph our wedding despite all the obstacles. We are forever grateful! He provides a unique service and he is dedicated to his craft. He is not just any photographer, he is passionate about his work and his pictures are a testament to that!!

Thank you Luis!! You are the best️

15 de Agosto de 2021