Herdade da Emberiza Cottage Weddings

Utilizei este serviço no meu casamento:


In 2019 we had booked this place for our wedding. At first everything seemed nice, until after we gave a deposit. One month after we gave an initial deposit, the owner was asking for another deposit for "drinks" which was supposed to be included in the total. My Father-in-law reluctantly gave another deposit, but was feeling uncomfortable about it because they refused to give us any kind of contract. We asked again for a contract and they refused, even though they planned to charge us IVA. When the pandemic hit, they turned on us. Instead of either giving us back or simply holding the deposit for 2021, they asked for yet another deposit. We refused and they got abusive, but finally relinquished. A few months later, they asked again saying they would go bankrupt if we did not give them another deposit, but they asked on the same day they posted on their FB page about buying a 7th horse! We refused again and were upset at this point. In early 2021, when we still did not know if we could have a wedding, they started demanding we give them 60% of the total. They called my in-laws screaming at them and being abusive on the phone while we were in the middle of lockdown. My Mother-in-law is a doctor working through the pandemic and was already stressed. We no longer wished to have our wedding there with these abusive people, so have had to hire a lawyer to try to get some of our deposit back. They are very shady and have been using the deposits of the couples for personal things like buying more horses or other animals for their "farm" instead of using the money for food/ drink/ decorations, etc for the couples' wedding day. We suspect they are also charging IVA but not claiming it. Beware they are conning people!

15 de Outubro de 2021