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I found Vera after multiple hours of research and Skype interviews with 5 other planners in Portugal. Me and husband live in the United States, have a very demanding job and also little time to plan a destination wedding. For me (the bride) finding someone that could understand my style, the level of detail I was looking for and how much this wedding meant to me was very important. After talking with Vera for about 5 min a knew she was exactly what I was looking for. Someone who can listen to what was important to me and my husband, someone that could speak perfect english and Portuguese to communicate with both families and more importantly someone that will help me understand what's important and what's not. When we started talking (1 year before the wedding) we looked at our budget, the things that matter to us and things were progressing she helped me deciding were it was worth investing our money and what were some of the things that will be unnoticeable and not worth the investment.

Without Vera, our wedding wouldn't have been possible. She responded to all my text messages for 1 year, she connected with me over Skype almost every week for 1 year and for at least a couple hours, she helped us with all the paper work needed to get married in Church in Portugal, she has an EXCEPTIONAL team of people that she works with (but if you want to work with someone specifically she is fine with that too) and she even showed up to our rehearsal dinner and stayed at the hotel with us the night before, as a surprise, to make sure everything was perfect.

I can't thank you enough for making our day the most special day. Our wedding was not only beautiful, it was so perfectly organized that every moment flawlessly transitioned to the next one without any of us even noticing it. Having you allowed us to fully enjoy our day knowing that you had it under control.

THANK YOU VERA! Your worked absolutely exceeded my expectations, you went above and beyond.

2 de Outubro de 2018