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Santerello de Trouwbeleving in Breda

Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft:


Seven months before my wedding I ordered and paid for a brand new dress at this shop, however Santerello delivered me a used display dress. I have only realized it just after collecting my dress (a week before my wedding), simply because my dress had no internal and external tags; it was slightly stained and also torn with missing beads in some places. I did not find this out during the final fitting, since first, I was very emotional and excited, secondly, I trusted them as I thought it was a reputable shop, thirdly, I did not pay attention as they helped me get in and out of the dress and then the dress was put in a bag. I only noticed it when I got home as I just wanted to observe my dress. The dress they delivered to me was the same display dress as I tried on the first time. Luckily my friend took photos of me on the day when I first visited Santerello, and when zooming in it is clearly visible that I was given the same dress (for example, the delivered dress is torn on exactly the same places as the display dress).  

I confronted the shop, I even showed them the photos, but they denied it. At first I thought that they might have mistakenly swapped the dresses, which I also mentioned to them, but they insisted this is my new dress, which was ordered specifically for me. I was even told that all the dresses come in without the tags (hardly to believe that such an expensive item is missing all the tags including a well-known brand logo). Consequently I got in touch with the brand of my wedding dress, which after seeing the photos I sent, confirmed that my dress is NOT new and that the dress is not in the same condition as it leaves their factory.

When the brand representative called the shop, they lied and told them that I instructed them to cut away the tags (how come, if I was told the dresses are delivered without the tags?). Later they even told me to come to the shop to collect the tags, apparently they saved it in a folder. I asked them more than once if they can send it to me, but they never did.

After a consultation with a lawyer I sent an e-mail to Santerello that I want a compensation since they did not deliver me what I ordered and paid. They never replied to me. After the wedding the lawyer tried to get in touch with the shop, but they were avoiding all calls and post. To make the situation worse, they went bankrupt. See here:

and here

However, the shop Santerello still operates now, they just opened a new legal entity and changed their location.

My overall wedding experience was severely stained because of Santerello, as I could not focus on my wedding preparations at all. I still remembered how just a day before my wedding I cried, and my mother helped me sew the beads which were falling off the dress. Even now, a year after my wedding, I find it very hard to write about it (this is the reason why I write this review only now).

My wedding is over and nothing will erase this stain from my memories and overall experience. I wrote this review simply because I feel a strong urge and obligation to warn future brides and prevent them to have their wedding ruined like I did. I wish you all an amazing wedding and a happy marriage, Renata Kenda

24 juli 2020