Mijn Zankyou

Marina Ancher

Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft:


To describe Marina in 1 word - A M A Z I N G 

Marina did my mom's makeup+hair and my morning&evening look on my wedding day.  Marina is punctual, precise and very passionate about her work. She understands your feedback fast and is very flexible with trying out different things until you get the result you want. 

On my wedding day, she was exactly on time, calm and ready to go. This was a great atmosphere for me as I was trying to keep my nerves down. Marina was also very supportive throughout the entire day - she made sure my hair was looking great at all times, my makeup was retouched after an emotional moment and she saved the day by rushing to the groom and cover an irritated spot on his face. 

Marina's work as an artist is in the quality+options of makeup she offers, the speed in her hands and her lovely character. She was not there to only do her job, she also enjoyed being with you. On my wedding day, I never felt more beautiful, glamorous, elegant and natural. For that, I want to thank Marina so much. 

I would highly recommend Marina to any lucky bride!!

2 augustus 2019