Gina O'Brien

Mijn Zankyou


Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft:


We used LoveSound for our wedding September passed and we would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

For the ceremony, the trio played a selection of songs that we chose to absolute perfection. Behind the scenes, when I heard them start to play Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, it was so incredibly beautiful that I became so emotional and I had to keep myself from crying as I walked up to the wonderful husband.

This was an Irish wedding, and later during the dinner, an old friend or mine sang an impromptu Irish song which the trio were kind enough to accompany her with. It was such a one of those memorable moments that I will always treasure. The music made the song so much more lovely.

Finally, we had a DJ accompanied by Floor, the talented violinist. The DJ was wonderful, the poor man was pestered all night by my bridesmaids to play our most favorite songs, and he did so in good spirits. The music played was from a long time ago, from a dive club at university that was our second home, and where many a memorable night was enjoyed! The DJ's willingness to accommodate so thoroughly brought all those memories rushing back, and Floor topped it off nicely with her dulcet violin!

Ours was an 11/10 experience, so yourself a favor, book LoveSound for your wedding day. You will not regret it.

18 oktober 2019