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Vero was recommended to us by a friend from Melbourne, who knew someone that had used her services to organise their wedding in Oaxaca.

As we live in Melbourne, Australia, the first interaction we had with Vero was through Skype. Jessica and I were a little cautious when discussing with her as we had heard of foreigners being taken advantage of by wedding planners in Mexico. However, Vero immediately made us feel comfortable, she was very honest with us and inspired some trust. 

As soon as we decided to work with Vero and her team, she started helping us to organise all the suppliers and took the stress out of the planning. She was very open-minded and understood our vision as well as our cultural background and how we wanted to merge it with Mexican traditions. We were able to organise basically everything from overseas, so there was not a lot left to do for when we got to Mexico. She provided us with two or three quotes for each service (venue, flowers, DJ and audio-visual, alcohol, etc.). She also gave us some recommendations and took the time to explain what the differences in price and services between each supplier were. As foreigners, one of our concerns was to be charged the tourist price, but the quotes we received from Vero were probably better than what local people get.

She assisted us with organising every little detail and no request was too much to ask. We arrived to Oaxaca only one week before the wedding. Once we landed in Mexico, Vero kept in touch with us through WhatsApp and she even offered to come and pick us up at the airport. We met on the first day and she advised us she had already scheduled meetings with all providers on the next day to give us the opportunity to meet them all and let them know what we wanted for our special day. As the week passed, Vero and her team went above and beyond anything we could have expected. We arranged welcome bags and also “hangover kits” which Vero’s team assisted in making and dropping off to all of our guests accommodation. Vero also organised for one of her staff to take us around to buy everything we needed for the wedding and the after party. Having someone local to take you to the supermarket in a larger car was again above and beyond anything we would have expected. 

We were amazed by the connections Vero has and the number of people and suppliers she knows in the city. She was very flexible and accommodating, even with last minute changes.  Five days before the wedding we saw a traditional Oaxacan calenda with a very good music band. We asked Vero about the one we had organised and told her we really loved the band that was playing in the calenda we had seen that day. Vero made a few calls and within 30 minutes changed the band for our calenda with little fuss. Certainly not something we as foreigners would have been able to do on our own.

The days leading to the wedding were very stressful, particularly for Jessica. One night, Jess couldn’t sleep at all, as she was worried about printing the program for the wedding and writing her speech. Vero was there every step of the way. She organised a cup of tea to talk about her stress and also arranged for Jess to have a massage to take her mind off things. This is definitely not something which is in any agreement you make when you first contact a wedding planner. She brings a very human element to her work and we felt she really cared about us. You could feel our wedding was not only a transaction to her eyes. She and her team were actually excited for us and knew how important this moment was.

The actual wedding day ran without a hitch. Everything went to plan, Vero was so organised and she and her team made sure everything followed the schedule. Something which I believe sets Vero Vivas Events team apart from the rest is her staff. They were simply amazing. Vero has dedicated staff who can speak English which for a foreign wedding you simply cannot put a price on. On the day of the wedding, all staff is connected by headsets and they make sure there is always someone available whenever you need something. One of her team members, for example, did some emergency sewing after my mum experienced a dress malfunction. These are only small details, however, they mean so much and the really make a difference in the overall experience. 

The level of service which was provided was impeccable and outstanding. Jessica and I, as well as our families, had the most amazing time, and all of our friends who travelled to Mexico for the wedding said it was the “wedding of the century”. One friend, in particular, said: “not only is it the best wedding I have ever been to, but it was probably the best day of my life”. In my eyes, there is no greater compliment for Vero and her team.

3 de mayo de 2019