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YucatanLove (Laura and Luis) helped us plan our wedding and we could not have been happier! After choosing Mérida for our location we interviewed a few planners and knew instantly after speaking with Luis and Laura that they would be a good fit. Of those we interviewed they also spoke the best English.

We spent hours together planning via Skype for just over a year. Whenever we had doubts they were always quick to explain thoroughly and provide alternative solutions if needed. On the day of the wedding they were there until the very end and had to do some impromptu planning due to weather changes. We were so thankful to have them there with us.

Hiring wedding planners was one of the best decisions we made during the entire process. Planning a wedding is hard and a destination wedding is even harder. They helped alleviate so much of our stress and couldn't thank them enough!

8 de diciembre de 2018