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I feel a need to share this in English so that everyone, including foreigners like me, can understand. Me and my wife booked this place for our wedding and we were extremely disappointed for the greed and lack of professionalism from the owner. We were initially supposed to have the event during the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, but we decided to postpone due to the high risk of contagion. They allowed us to change the date but only paying the difference in price (greed). So, we decided to pay the difference in price otherwise we would have lost all the money already paid. Then, at the time of the event, they “forgot” to lighten up the famous tree in the terrace, which we paid for a while back and counted on for pictures and overall brightness. They initially apologised and promised to reimburse the amount we paid - in my opinion not enough because they totally ruined our mood and the traditional Mexican shows in the terrace - but a few days later they said they would only give us a credit to use for additional services (lack of professionalism). To this ridiculous and disrespectful answer, we contacted a lawyer to resolve the issue. We sent a warning and they immediately paid back the amount we paid, which as I said was not enough to cover all the moral and overall event damage they made. My sincere recommendation is to look somewhere else to celebrate “the best day of your life” unless you are willing to accept bad surprises like this and be completely exposed in terms of conditions.

17 de diciembre de 2020