Natascia Zignani

Ho utilizzato questo servizio per il mio matrimonio:

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This post is long overdue for the most amazing Wedding Planner that me my husband were able to miraculously be connected with. To decide on marrying abroad, is to say the least, not an easy decision to make. There are wedding planners out there that cannot uphold this difficult task-as I went through a good number interviews. For those lucky and able to wed in Italy, coming from another country, I cannot emphasize any stronger, my recommendation to reach out to Natascia who has planned our intimate wedding with such grace and what seems to come so naturally for her and her team. From arranging our exquisite villa to accommodate my family and guests, to the pre-wedding dinner, wedding ceremony, reception and next day brunch. Our matrimony was nothing short of magical. My entire family recognized this to be an event of a life time. Thank you Nat - a thousand times! You will always have a special place in me and Mike’s life. You’re truly great at your craft. You knew precisely how to exceed all expectations of what we could ever imagine for our wedding! Cheers and continued happiness to whomever is able to experience the gift of Nat’s talent and planning!

10 dicembre 2018