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I'm leaving this review in English as I am Canadian and my husband is Italian. We saw numerous photographers prior to hiring Silvia and Daniela as most brides and grooms do! The field is quite competitive and so obviously you are looking for that extra "something" that sets a photographer apart from the others. These girls had that something extra. I barely noticed them around the entire day, but they managed to take really amazing shots and capture moments that we had even missed ourselves. Especially important to note is their attention to detail. All the women that I've shown the photos to have been impressed by the fact that Silvia and Daniela photographed details of the church program, the food, the table settings etc that sometimes are overlooked. I was most happy with the comfort level, these girls will feel like your best friends rather than strangers stalking you for twelve hours! We've just received all the edited files (it was about 3 months from our wedding) digitally and now just waiting for the official album! Highly recommended to anyone getting married in Italy, whether you're local or coming from abroad! 

09 gennaio 2017