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Ho utilizzato questo servizio per il mio matrimonio:

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We had the most unforgettable Venice Wedding day one could dream of, and allthanks to Lindsey and her team at Venice Events. I was a little anxious as I simply foundLindsey on the net but now looking back I will say I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lindsey’s support and attention to every little detail had made our rather spontaneous Wedding day a smooth running and relaxed event. The team from the photographer tothe beauticians and the violinist were second to none. Lindsey has personally managedthe entire process and ensured we were happy and satisfied with everything. Lindsey’slocal knowledge is outstanding, we felt in good hands and never had to worry aboutthings going wrong. Thank you Lindsey, you have done an amazing job and we will beforever grateful. I would also like to thank everybody who had a role to play in makingour day so special. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to forget the hasslesof the big family wedding and wake up in a Venice fairy tale which will leave youwanting to experience this over and over. Lindsey we will be seeing you on our 10thWedding anniversary.

21 marzo 2019