Vows By Siddhu Soma

I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

Just waste of money I would suggest to go got any new young generation photographers, once in a life time event got spoiled, we the cousins who suggested VOWS based on the hype but our cousins trusted us and paid almost spent 8 Lakhs for all the events.

1. Main Photo Artist won’t show up even for not even one event

2. None of the photos are not even memorable

3. Funny thing is they charged almost 18000 for live Link for wedding, I was the one who managed live link people when they arrived after the event I Encountered with them so we came to know they only charged around 9000-10000, other 8000 rupees to the their Pockets ??? This is a Rip off (we even asked them who is the live event, VOWS team said it’s out third party vendor) totally Rip Off

4. Even our parents said photography these days should justify but these are the worst photos.

5. Editing is not even professional

6. We also suggested our cousins to get tradings photography with VOWS Team not even all people are covered in the video or photography

Simple thing guys, we want to see all people atleast 70% of people who all attended the events, they did not covered everything, VOWS team was just sitting near the stage that’s it even for conventional photography we paid, oir family members almost visited 400 people for wedding only 40-50 members covered in the traditional video. Totally rip off

You will spend lots of money on the events, dressings and costumes

But the photos are the real life time memories

Please do not spend money on the photos, what we see online and social media are just a pure pick for those couples

13 January 2020