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I used their services for my wedding:

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One of the most unprofessional teams that we came across during the Wedding Planning! 

Yesha D' Weddings was booked as ours was a Rajasthani Destination Wedding and his team being from Rajasthan seemed to understand our rituals better than others.

The scope of work was discussed in detail and a price was discussed and mutually agreed upon accordingly. Gaurav is a very good salesman but when it comes to execution, his team completely fails. 

When it came to the actual wedding execution, there was a major cutdown in everything right from the decor, flowers, concept, installations to vendors. A subsidised version of everything grand discussed was presented to us in the wedding.

The final ceremony was a South Indian ceremony, and the decoration was nearly non-existent. A South Indian ceremony without flowers! Literally no flowers!

In a 3 day wedding, Gaurav was hardly seen on the first 2 days and completely missing on the third (main wedding day) when we needed him the most.

Gaurav seemed to treat the wedding checklist as a list of options rather than a to-do list. Doing some of the work and completely skipping others. Gaurav decided to follow the plan sporadically, completely skipping the decor for certain events. Even sequence of events that was supposed to be followed prior and during the wedding were either skipped, delayed or inefficiently executed.

Thankfully, the wedding was made great due to the venue, their in-house catering and vendors other than Yesha D Weddings. 

Had the wedding been completely dependant on only Gaurav and his team, the wedding could have been disastrous. 

11 January 2018