Umaid Bhawan Palace - A Taj Luxury Hotel

I used their services for my wedding:

Recommend it?

Get a guide, you might miss a few things around like the gold ceiling, using silver for entire flooring between each mosaics, the palace flag hoisted when king is inside the palace and hoisted down when hes out.
Make sure guide stays and explains, our guide ripped us of 250 for not even a 30 mins explanation, once he took money he was keen on letting us go and get the next customer.
Highly lavish place with huge antique collections.
Still the place runs with old electrical devices such as ac and fan regulators.
Only 10% is open for visitors, 20% still the royal family owns and the rest is heritage hotel.
If you are a car fanatico do visit the heritage car museum which has cars like RR PHANTOM I and II, cadillac which caught my eyes but has only 10 for display out of the 52 cars which is owned by royal family(as told by guide)

25 October 2017