Château de Farcheville

J'ai utilisé ce service pour mon mariage:

A recommander ?
My sister had the wedding of her dreams. It was also an amazing, intense, incredible moment for every single one of us.

There is no words to express how more than perfect everything was;

The castle is mesmerisingly beautiful, magical, breathtaking ; the decorations, the soul, the space, the furnitures, the CLEANLINESS to the details. I slept in the castle and it was same level as suites in five stars hotels.

The team is professional, smiling, dedicated and attentive. They will help you with anything with genuine care. The cleaning ladies and chefs helped me for maintaining the brides bouquet and I thank them again for this kind gesture.

Thank you again to the owner of the castle Sophie Bouniol who was present throughout the whole wedding, checked everything to the details and asked us frequently how everything was. She is again professional, smiling, dedicated and hard-working.

Thank you, thank you !

29 juin 2020