J'ai utilisé ce service pour mon mariage:

A recommander ?

As an Australian and a German living in Paris, we decided to gather our families and close friends together in France for our wedding. But with neither set of parents speaking the other’s language, we needed a celebrant who was sufficiently comfortable in both German and English. Enter Luc Florquin. Luc and his wife Emmanuelle clearly love what they do and their warmth and sincerity were evident from our very first Skype meeting. We didn’t end up meeting them in person until the day itself by which time they felt like old friends who knew more about our story than many of our guests! The ceremony was simply beautiful, full of laughs and tears, and 100% us. Merci infiniment à tous les deux d’avoir créé autant de moments qui resteront gravés dans nos mémoires.

27 juillet 2019