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A recommander ?

We are still in the process of planning our wedding, but I just have to say, Anaïde Bell'Garde has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We are an American couple, and are holding our wedding in France. I sent emails to at least a dozen wedding planning agencies in Paris, and possibly because of the language barrier or reasons je ne sais pas, I received only two responses. After speaking with both, Anaïde seemed like a good fit, young, modern, very responsive, and came across very dedicated to insuring the happynesh of her clients. A bonus I think her English is fantastic, so there was no concerns of desired design ideas getting lost in translation. We are having a very modern, blending of cultures wedding. As our particular requests multipled, she met each one with enthusiasm and valuable constructive input. I can't recommend her enoughy, you can tell her heart is truly in it, and when it comes to a wedding isn't that what matters?

Sincerely Madisen H.

6 janvier 2019