Domaine de Blanche Fleur

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A recommander ?

Our wedding at Blanche Fleur was wonderful. 

We wanted to get married in Provence in a big villa with a pool and a nice garden. We didn't want a big empty chateau or a hotel linked to a vineyard where we would have to buy their wine or pay a corkage fee for the reception.  Blanche Fleur has a big Orangerie which prevents from needing to rent a marquee and it is ideal to host a big lunch or dinner.

They do a lot of weddings there so they have a lot of experience into what is needed and Sophie gave us a good list of recommended service providers such as a caterer, air dresser, DJ,  taxi, photographer. The photos we got from studio Gabrieli are outstanding. 

We had many pool parties leading up to the wedding which brought us all together in a fun environment. 

There are also a lot of beautiful flowers and plants at Blanche Fleur so we didn't need to add too much decoration as the venue is really charming as it is. The rooms are very spacious, comfortable and elegant. 

Sophie was a delightful host, very helpful, kind and friendly. 

We loved our wedding at Blanche Fleur and we are happy to recommend Blanche Fleur to anyone. 

Louis and Genevra 


30 août 2019