Amandine Vanhove

J'ai utilisé ce service pour mon mariage:

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My husband and I are not very good at taking ourselves seriously but we do take having fun (with each other and our loved ones) with the upmost seriousness. That being said, neither of us are very comfortable when posing for photos nor are we, in general, very photogenic. I think that for many to-be newlyweds, the very idea of selecting the best photographer can be a daunting task because you know that if you choose wrongly, you will have the photographic evidence of your mistake with you for the rest of your lives. For us, it was crucial that we chose a person who could capture our natural, fun-loving awkwardness in a beautiful and timeless instant that we could treasure as we continue on our adventure together. And that is exactly what Amandine did for us when we asked her to be our wedding photographer.

Despite the craziness of hosting an international wedding with 11 bridesmaids from Texas and dealing with our wonderfully “fun” families, she was able to capture all of the best moments before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. Leading up to the D-day, she was always available to us and thoughtfully took our wishes and concerns into careful consideration. She was professional and extremely approachable but more importantly, she was eager to be a part of our special day. This was something that I believe makes her so qualified as a photographer; it was not simply a job opportunity but a chance for her to help us capture these precious memories in beautifully vivid detail.

For our wedding, we also wanted to have a photobooth available at the venue so that our guests could have some fun taking their own photos and bring home a souvenir from the party. Amandine provided this service to us and it was a huge success with all of our guests! You can select the arrangement of the prints and even add a fun logo for your event that adds a really nice personal touch. She even had a boomerang feature on the photobooth that could later be downloaded from her website via the link she provides once the photographs are ready.

Overall, we could not be happier with the resulting photographs, which clearly demonstrated Amandine’s style and creativity. Upon receiving them just over a month later—along with a beautifully hand-crafted box personalized just for us—our friends and family conveyed to us how impressed they were with her and her work, and we could not agree more. Every photo was styled beautifully and yet maintained a naturalness to it that is often lost when photos are over-edited. She did a fantastic job for us and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented photographer! We thank her for everything she did for us and we will definitely be in contact with her again for any future events.

1 octobre 2019