Provence Wedding Photography

J'ai utilisé ce service pour mon mariage:

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"Even though we saw samples of his work beforehand, it did not prepare us for the beauty of Denis’ finished product. His photos capture the spirit, smiles and energy of our entire wedding day and night. From the still images of our wedding objects -- such as my freshly-pressed veil or the books in the hotel library -- to the lively, fabulous moments of guests dancing, each picturesque photo is filled with so much truth, light and love. Denis memorialized the moments that we didn’t see, and the ones that we lived, so that we could completely be in the moment. And after our big weekend, we received our linen-cover wedding book, which filled us with so much emotion. It is remarkable — the quality, the care, the story that it tells. We receive compliments on the artistic photography from everyone who sees it. We are so, so happy that we have these memories in our minds and in our hands for years to come! Warmest regards, Christophe and Kelly Georges"

19 décembre 2019