Château Les Carrasses

J'ai utilisé ce service pour mon mariage:

A recommander ?

We had a beautiful wedding at Les Carrasses. We made it a long weekend with family & friends over 4 days and had the time of our lives. We were 80+ people so we were able to privatize the property. We all stayed at the Chateau (which we never had before at a wedding where people are usually spread out across different hotels) and had the whole estate for ourselves. That was brilliant. We flew through the days and people loved it. Chilling at the pool, playing tennis, doing bicycle tours. The estate is big enough to have gatherings and meals in different places, so there was always something new for our guests to see and explore. And we were super lucky weather-wise. We married in mid September and had 30° and sunshine throughout. We couldn't have chosen a better location, although it comes at a price point. But, it was worth it ...

The team is absolutely lovely. The kindest crew we could wish for. They tried everything they could for us and our guests to enjoy the time from the first to the last minute. Any downsides? Maybe a bit of French laissez-faire regarding agreed timings for things to start. But be aware, we are Germans. So 6 pm is 6 pm, not 6:15 pm, hahaha ... So for us, it just added to the French charm ...

Any real downsides? Not at all! Kind, professional, caring. We felt well supported throughout the whole planning and the event itself. They even managed to get 30 yoga mats at short notice – for the morning sessions, one of our guests gifted us with ... That's real passion to do everything you can to make your guests happy – given the location in the middle of nowhere!

6 mai 2020