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As the saying goes: a picture says a thousand words, the pictures taken by Monica & Adrian go beyond that ...

It's amazing how life connected both us and them. When Monica first showed us her portfolio three months before our big day, we immediately fell in love with their works, as we could feel the emotions and soul from the beautiful pictures. It was a very easy decision for us to fly them over to Malaysia for our wedding day.

Our initial concerns about the differences in food, culture and language were relieved as Monica & Adrian fit seamlessly with our family and friends with no frictions in adapting to our Asian way of life. Such adaptability and openness to life made our whole experience enriching.

What professional photography demands is how one relegated to become invisible. Monica & Adrian have fully internalized this in their works as well as capturing those significant moments during our big day without much notice. The whole occasion went smoothly with no retakes and no posed pictures. They moved so naturally in the space, built such rapport and relationships with friends & family and with such keen eyes genuinely captured that right moments with raw emotions.

When we flipped through those precious footages few months after our wedding, it was as we were reliving those vivid memories alongside with the emotions all over again. Such raw and beautiful emotions immortalised in those photos helped to remind us the sentimental and momentous occasion in our lives.

We can not thank Monica & Adrian enough for such a wonderful gift and presence in our lives.

14 de mayo de 2017