Livana Salón

Dieron servicio en una boda en la que estuve invitado:

¿Lo recomiendas?

That was definitely the worst experience that I’ve ever had in a beauty salon in Colombia. It wasn’t worth the hype!

They tangled my hair so bad during the dyeing process, that it took more than an hour to detangle the rats nest they created. Most of the time the hairdresser was busy with other clients and didn’t have time to keep an eye on my hair. 

During one instance, I was moved from my seat and they sat a guy to cut his hair (totally fine), but my stuff and tea were still there and ended up with the guy’s hair all over, even inside my tea cup.

When I was complaining about it in front of the manager, she’s completely lost it and couldn’t handle criticism well. She used the excuse that my hair was “destroyed” from the beginning. And went on to say it was impossible that I’ve received a bad service because “all” of their clients were always really happy with the results. An absolute waste of time and money. I do not recommend this place at all!

22 de diciembre de 2019