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I don't even know where to begin to describe how incredible Jess is. Literally the best and most capable wedding planner in all of Cartagena.  Back in April 2018 I began interviewing different wedding planners for my dream Cartagena wedding.  I am Colombian and my husband is from the U.S. Therefore, it was really important to us that the wedding planner was capable of working with both of our families, and working with a bride who was remote.  I met with about six different vendors, and as soon as I left the meeting with Jess I knew she was the perfect fit for me and my needs. We began planning my wedding festivities which included a welcome cocktail and party bus, a day-trip to the Rosario islands, and the wedding ceremony and reception.  I knew I wanted the days leading up to the wedding to be fun and special, and to showcase all we loved about Cartagena.  Cartagena is a magical place and there is literally no other way to describe it.  I had dreamt my wedding in Cartagena for many years and all I can say is that Jess made my dreams come true.  We had about 113 guests going to Cartagena from all over the world.  In total, we had 17 different countries represented at my wedding.  Jess helped us select the perfect places, food, and information to send to our guests.  We celebrated our wedding June 15, 2019, and during that almost year and three months I was literally on the phone with Jess every week if not almost every day.  She was always happy to help me even late at night.  We had to deal with a ton of different vendors, a lot of different options, and Jess always kept everything very organized and most importantly kept me in budget.  I seriously felt so sad not talking to her everyday after the wedding ended.  Everything from the first day we arrived to the day we left was magical and spectacular and all was thanks to Jess and her team.  I cannot recommend her enought.  THE BEST. 

24 de julio de 2019